Adventure Church is bringing in the big eraser

As many of you would know, Adventure Church’s presence in the Tower District is an extremely controversial one. For starters, they’re Evangelical, which means they’re also Conservative. This ideology is undoubtedly homophobic (whether or not they hide behind a facade of kindness and pretend they care with their fake ass humility). They also love to abuse “Religious Liberties”, which to Conservatives is a pass to do anything they want and use God to justify their decision, be it to refuse vaccinations, be exempt from Title IX (which prevents discrimination), anything you can think of.

What exactly does a Conservative Evangelical Congregation want in buying an iconic building (for over $6.5M) in the obviously gay friendly Tower District? Gay erasure; to strip the Tower of its identity, all while pretending its about improving the community. Which is why many are vehemently protesting their purchase, from people to businesses. Adventure Church, being the Evangelical Congregation it is, has no qualms about sending messages. Their latest one is welcoming Randy Remington just last Wednesday, who is the head of Foursquare Church in Los Angeles.

Don’t be fooled by his smile and composed calmness, though. He’s just upgraded Fakeness we already see from Adventure Church and their head Anthony Flores.