Andrew Janz has my vote for mayor

The local primary election for the next head of our city is less than a month away on March 3rd. A really good article dropped today authored by Fresno Bee Editorial Board endorsing Democrat Andrew Janz. It’s a really good article that speaks to many of the pressing issues facing the next leader of the 5th largest city in the great state of California.

I attended the Fresno Stonewall Democrats monthly meeting in January and one of the guest speakers was from “Rising Together, No on Dyer for Mayor 2020” and I was blown away. I would be inclined to vote for Andrew Janz anyway because he’s an out and proud Democrat. What I learned about Jerry Dyer was eye opening and riveting.Jerry Dyer regularly appears on conservative talk radio opining and speaking about his desire and vision of a conservative city. Dyer will undoubtedly try and obstruct progress and advancement of blue collar advancement. For over two decades the mayor’s office has been dominated by Republican after Republican. It is way past time for a change of course in the top job in City Hall.

Fresno PD and their budget has swelled to over half of the entire budget for the entire city. All the while our ex-chief of police has enjoyed a salary that was higher than the police chief of New York City! How unfair is that. Dyer as mayor will surely continue to try and rob the pantry of progressive and labor causes in order to fund this Police City. Let’s not forget that his second in command was convicted in federal court of drug trafficking while occupying the office right across from Dyer. Organized labor, liberals and progressives, and every registered Democrat in the city should be worried and working to break the grip of conservationism on the mayor’s office.

If you would like to read more about the Rising Together, No on Dyer for Mayor 2020 (FPPC #1421652) you can check out their web portal after the jump.