Beyond The Wine Date Night

As a newly turned 21 boyo, Mike and I have made sure to do many public acts of drinking. Not only am I gleeful to flash my ID everytime I must prove I’m 21, I am happy that me and Mike can drink together anywhere. I also just like to sample endless varieties of alcoholic beverages. Cue in Beyond The Wine. It is a wine bar Mike has decided to take me out to a date at. Though not in Riverpark, it is just a mile out. The bar is very clean and modern. In addition, there is also live music. The DJ at the time was DJ Jess The Mixaholic, who I have to say was good. It was to be a great accompnaient while being just a little drunk.

In the corner over there is DJ Jess

First things first, ordering the drinks! We both got the three wine samples of any choice. Then, [unknown dish]. It was very ideal, as it was full of variety. It had dried apricots, olives sprinkled with black pepper, grapes, spicy jam, almonds, three types of crackers alongside crisped bread, cheese (brie and [white cheese], and finally some meats, of which were salami and salami with peppercorn coated edges.

There isn’t only wine, there’s beer too. I had the Spicy Mango Cart, which was quite unique and a little spicy. The bar proved to me that their food is high quality upon ordering the pulled pork sliders.

A picture of the pulled pork slider.

The only complaint I have are for the prices! Well, at least for one specific item. A delicuously peachy wine was $18 for one glass! That is quite a large disprecancy from the on menu wine glasses, which are about $9-$12 (Mike had wanted a sweet white wine, which at the moment, none on the menu were chilled).