California blows past 30K mark of coronavirus cases; 1100 deaths

COVID-19 cases swelled from 29,348 on Friday and state officials report almost a hundred more death since since then as well. Here an excerpt from a SF Bay Area news outlet…

Just a day after the Bay Area’s deadliest Saturday during the coronavirus pandemic, state officials confirmed California surpassed 30,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. As the virus continued to spread and threaten the state’s 39.7 million residents, new numbers compiled by this news organization show 30,754 people are confirmed to have COVID-19 and 1,146 have died, up from 29,348 confirmed cases and 1,050 deaths at the end of Friday. The news came just hours after it was reported that state health officials had found COVID-19 cases on dozens of Bay Area nursing homes.

San Jose Mercury News

As of 9:37am this morning there have been 1,146 confirmed deaths statewide. You can read the entire article at the San Jose Mercury News website after the jump.