Capitol update from Assemblyperson Jim Patterson

This is hot off the press from state assemblyman, and former mayor of Fresno, Jim Patterson and I wanted to pass it along. Obviously, with things being a bit wonky because of the pandemic there have been some issues getting documents and renewals processed at the California DMV. With respect to license renewals for those drivers 70 years of age and over the Assemblyman had this to say…

Many senior drivers have reached out to my office, rightly concerned about driving with an expired license. The DMV finally has an answer to our questions on this issue – They are giving an automatic one-year extension to drivers over 70 years old. If you have a non-commercial license expiring between March and December of 2020, you now have one year from the original expiration date to renew your driver’s license.

DMV announcement via Assm. Jim Patterson

In their official announcement that was issued yesterday the DMV has a few decisions and concessions to deadlines and requirements. I was really happy when I saw this announcement and I’m glad to see such a large bureaucracy making things easier for normal everyday people. If you’d like to see the DMV announcement in its entirely and find out more about what they are doing to help drivers during this COVID-19 crisis then make the jump here.

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    1. Great to hear Jessica. I think there are going to be many grandparents that are going to welcome this news.

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