Christmas season has finally arrived

Now it’s Christmas. I have purged from my mind that 98.9 FM started playing holiday music exclusively back in October! I have tossed into the sea of forgetfulness that wreaths and holiday décor was on the shelves in a lot of retail stores before Thanksgiving in November. I’m letting all that ridiculous retailing slip into the abyss of my self-induced amnesia. Christmas season is officially here.

I attended the contemporary morning worship service at Hope Lutheran and I was super happy to see this beautiful Christmas tree. I absolutely love the crown at the top!They are a progressive, gay-friendly church and it has made my short list of possible faith homes. I love that one of their Sunday morning services starts at 11 a.m. That extra hour of sleep is a real game changer for me.

During the worship service I was reminded that they had a once a month “jazz” themed service Sunday evening at 7pm. I picked up my mom and we went together and were treated by some wonderful holiday jazz music by some very talented musicians. I’m not a big jazz enthusiast but I give the service and pastor for the evening a big thumbs up and an A for originality for this expression of faith.