Corlieu Falls on Lewis Creek Trail

Yesterday, Mike and I drove to the Sierra National forest (again), this time to at the Southern most Lewis Creek trail, off at Cedar valley road. Just several days ago, we were at 90 degrees. But, for a few days, especially yesterday, it was rather cool, making the hike a “breeze”. I would not expect it to be cool anymore for a few weeks, as we tick closer to summer. For a 3 hour hike (roundtrip at the end of Redrock Falls), there was plenty of opportunity for pictures. I think I have a good shot of the Corlieu falls, (courtesy of Mike for allowing me to venture in the midst of it), as I stood in the middle of the running water on top of a rock. For a minute, I contemplated just mediating there as the roaring water enveloped my senses, though I’d do that next time with Mike by my side.

Saw this at the end of our adventure right after Redrock Falls
What is up with these ties everywhere? Is this some sort of Pete Buttigieg cult at play?

9 thoughts on “Corlieu Falls on Lewis Creek Trail”

  1. I go to Corlieu Falls at least once a year. It’s a great spot. Thanks for giving it a shout out.

  2. Red Rock Falls on the north end of the trail is impressive but Corlieu is stunning and takes the cake!

  3. I checked this place out over the weekend. Beautiful walk and a spectacular view. Thanks for the heads up!

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