COVID-19: Purple Tier Alert

In my last update, I had pointed out that Fresno had been in purple category in terms of numbers during the past month, and is currently purple. Despite that, we are still in red tier for now, but it is very likely we may become purple tier (again). This is especially since COVID-19 data from election parties and the Halloween has yet to show up, and obviously, won’t be for the better. Also, Fresno has seen 250-500 new cases daily, which is significantly higher than our already alarming 100 cases a day. From just last week and today, the positivity rate is 6.8%, versus the positivity rate 4.5% from my last update. When we go back into purple tier, lines will once again be the norm at Walmarts and other superstores. Theaters and other indoor operations such as indoor dining at restaurants and indoor gyms will become unavailable.

Cases confirmed33,287
Testing done389,199
Positive rate8.6%
Cases leading to death1.4%
All COVID-19 stats to today
Cases confirmed1335
Testing done19,567
Positive rate6.8%
COVID-19 stats from 11/6-11/13