COVID-19: Stretched Thin

As COVID ravages Fresno more, not only are hospitals impacted, but there are fewer and fewer staff in them as they themselves come down with COVID or have to quarantine from close encounters. Having little testing, no leadership from most Republican governors and a lame president was only a line of gunfire leading to several powder kegs, which are hospitals being overrun, which have and will continue to worsen COVID-19 mortality, as well as sink the economy and the well being of many people into the nothingness.

I recently had a relative undergo important surgery at St. Agnes Medical Center, one of the hospitals that are already overburdened, and it sends a chill down my spine to imagine if they couldn’t get the surgery done or caught COVID there. Fresno’s daily infections average of 146 new cases has risen 172 average cases a day. And that’s not even accounting for the spike we will see in 2 weeks as a result from Thanksgiving. There were 2024 new cases, with 14 more people have died from COVID-19 as well, double that of last week’s.

Cases confirmed37,021
Testing done439,524
Positive rate8.4%
Cases leading to death1.3%
All COVID-19 stats up until today
Cases confirmed2,024
Testing done27,170
Positive rate7.5%
COVID-19 stats from 10/20 to 10/27