COVID-19 Update. Beware Curfew!

Fresno is seeing a significant spike in COVID-19 cases. The number of cases a day per 100K has more than doubled in just a matter of 2 weeks (From 6.1 to 14.6; there are about 146 new cases daily.) From November 12-19, there were also 1,710 new cases (With a 7.4% positivity rate, up from 6.8%.) Also, starting tomorrow, purple tier counties will have curfew everyday from 10pm to 5am until December 21st. According to an article from the Fresnobee, both Fresno County and Fresno City won’t actively enforce curfew (Though the sitting Mayor has asked for Fresnans to voluntarily comply to the curfew order. Plus, why risk it? What are you doing after 10pm when nothing is open?)

Cases confirmed34,994
Testing done412,354
Positive rate8.5%
Cases leading to death1.3%
All COVID-19 stats to today
Cases confirmed1710
Testing done23,155
Positive rate7.4%

Meanwhile, the most ridiculous news popped up: A very dumb reason why you shouldn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine[s]. Village idiot Catholic diocese Joseph Brennan, claims that Catholics should completely reject vaccines because it will violate their religious beliefs. Projecting typical Trumpian logic, he has made a very random and unfounded claim that vaccines (namely a specific COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer) contain the stem cells of aborted fetuses. It would appear that making such an erroneous claim only serves Trumpian misinformation tactics for the purpose of undermining public health and safety.