Democrats unite!

I attended the monthly meeting of the Fresno Stonewall Democrats last night and was very happy to see over 40 people in attendance! There were men and women, young and old, liberal and progressive, gay and straight represented and it made me proud to be a card carrying member of the Democratic party. There were several guest speakers in the house as campaigns and candidate hopefuls gear up for 2020. Here is a list of the speakers we got to hear from:

Tyler Johnson, Candidate for Fresno City Council District 7, Official website here.

Phil Arballo, Candidate for Congressional District 22, Official website here.

Andrew Janz, Candidate for Mayor of Fresno 2020, Official website here.

There were also representatives from the Bernie Sanders campaign. They just opened their field office in Fresno and preparing for his visit Green New Deal Rally at Fresno City College this Friday, November 15th, at 6pm. You can check out his official website here.

My big takeaway from last night’s meeting and the presentations from the candidates was just how big of margin we have in Fresno. Did you know that there are 33K more registered Democrats than Republicans? I was shocked to find that out. What the hell are we doing? With that kind of margin in everyday citizens from all different walks of life, forget turning Fresno purple, we can turn this city blue! We just need to get together, get organized, and get to work for the under represented and those who feel they have no voice at City Hall.

Let’s get together, get organized, and get to work! If you’d like to read more about the Fresno Stonewall Democrats check out the official website after the jump.

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  1. Once everyone realizes Fresno is actually blue, we can stop getting a bad rap as the small, bodunk, dust city!

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