Devin Nunes is out, who’s going to replace him?

With Devin Nunes having officially left his post as a “Representative” for parts of Tulare/Clovis/Fresno, his seat is now up for grabs sometime in May of this year.

There are multiple candidates running for his seat, but the most notable is Phil Arballo. Phil Arballo ran against Nunes in 2020, and won the closest margin against him (in contrast to previous years, like Andrew Janz against Nunes in 2018).

All you need to know about Garry.

On the other side of the aisle, Garry Bredefeld, a full on Trumper who is unfortunately a Fresno City council member, announced interest to run. In the end, it will be left to how the new districts shape up; and if everyone actually votes, since Republicans are anathema to that.

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