Edwards Regal Cinema: Huge Renovation!!!

Up until a few years ago, movie theaters have been one of the most exciting places to be in Fresno. Popcorn, soda, and a newly released movie with friends or family are always a good time. Nowadays, theaters have just been meh because you can stream content from the comfort of your home and often for much cheaper. The only reason go now is to watch a movie I just have to see sooner rather than later. This might be changing. Regal Cinemas in River Park is modernizing! This is seen in their new logo (now being a part of Cineworld) and committing a billion dollars to renovations including Edwards. This location is getting some serious upgrades alongside a name change to “Regal Cinemas in River Park.” They are dropping the “Edwards” in the name that has been used since it was first built back in the 90’s.

There will be a serious facelift, and from the renderings, the theater will look absolutely beautiful and by that I mean super modern. It will have a very sleek style and as someone who really likes “dark themes” that design is 100% for me. The technological upgrades include ScreenX and 4DX. In addition, the IMAX will be moved into the same building. It was always odd having a separate space for it in my opinion. Change has never been better for movies in River Park. In an age where theater goers have been declining in numbers these tech and aesthetic upgrades might be ther reasons they need to go more often. They are betting that offering technology and perks to movie watching that you won’t have in your home will be a winning recipe.

The renovations begin on June 1st. At this time, it is totally unclear if they will operate when it is “legal” to do so and during renovations. Below are images clarifying what 4DX and ScreenX is.

ScreenX is an immersive screen technology, conceptually similar to the obsolete Cinerama and CinemaScope. The images are in 270 degrees.
You’re probably familiar with this if you’ve been to the “4D” experiences at amusement parks. 4DX is more finetuned for the movie experience.
A rendering of an “after” and a “current”. Notice that the IMAX will now be in the same building. Also note the new logo.