Eviction protections extended

If you are like so many who are struggling financial during this pandemic, and the ensuing sheltering in orders and economic collapse, then you’ll be relieved to know that there is at least some help for renters. The city council voted at April 23rd to extend eviction protections into May for tenants who can’t pay their rent. The city ordinance bars landlords from evicting any renters for non-payment or rent. The original order came out in March and protected renters for April. The extension covers May and is actually intended to automatically apply for as long as we are under shelter in orders.

Here are some things to keep in mind: First, you have to notify your landlord, in writing, that you are unable to pay rent due to COVID-19, and you should have any documentation ready that supports your struggle in case they ask for it. The eviction order doesn’t give you a pass on the rent, you still owe the money, you just have 6 months to pay it off. This order also makes this grace period completely free of charge. Renters are NOT liable for any late charges, fees, interest, or penalties for evoking these protections. Some complexes might try and get you to commit to some sort of payment plan for the back rent but that is not required by the City of Fresno. The order simply says you have to pay the back rent within six months.

Here is the PDF of the original order that came out in March. Disregard the expiration date of April 18th. The protections were extended on April 23rd to cover May rent. In fact, the extension is intended to automatically roll over and coincide with the end of the sheltering in orders in Fresno.

Hat tip for this blog over at the Fresno Bee.