First Time Bowling at Bowlero

So for Halloween night, Mike and I had originally planned to go to Detention Billiards down at the Tower. Turns out, you must be 21+ just to enter it… for pool? So rather than let Mike beat me at pool again, I had opted to do something I never have done – bowling, at Bowlero. The place itself is really nice; all shiny, with neon orange lights,, rustic yet futuristics Edison LED bulbs, black lights (that really shine when it’s darker), AND projector screens for music visualization and videos. There’s more than just balls and pins too. There’s some pool tables, arcade games, and in case you get hungry and thirsty, there’s food to order and a bar. With Mike as usual, we had a lot of fun, and there was no real competition since I’m totally a newby with bowling. Hope you had a happy Halloween and a happy Bowlloween!