Fresno City College is getting a parking structure!

I am a student at Fresno City College (FCC), and for 9 months, like everyone else, cannot take classes at the campus. The students who do come here would be here for just one reason, the Ram Pantry, a service at FCC that provides free food for students. As I have only been focused with classes online, I was completely oblivious to the fact that FCC is building a parking structure. This was at October 15th, which had a follow up groundbreaking event 5 days later. This will be a most useful and very welcome addition to all students, as parking at FCC is one of the few banes that plague students.

Parking is a nightmare because the lots are often full, and as soon as there is an open spot, other students will scramble to it like vultures descending on a carcass. That’s a shame, because it makes parking passes feel worthless, and has made me late for classes a few times (I would have to account for up to an additional 30 minutes). The parking structure’s construction is set to be finished a year from now in December. It will be 5 levels high, with 862 new parking stalls, complete with 40 EV charging stations.