Fresno COVID-19: Stay at home order is likely

Governor Gavin Newsom has issued stay at home orders per region based on their capacity of ICU beds available. The order is in effect whenever a 15% capacity threshold is met for that region. As of right now, the Central Valley (also known as the San Joaquin Valley) is very near that 15% threshold, and as COVID-19 continually gets worse for Fresno, it is very likely we will see stay at home orders enforced soon. Just yesterday, Fresno has actually set a record for most cases in a single day — 320, and that’s not even accounting for the Thanksgiving surge.

Northern California18.60%
Bay Area25.30%
Greater Sacramento22.20%
San Joaquin Valley19.70%
Southern California20.60%
Capacity data available at CA’s official COVID-19 site, which is updated daily.