Fresno COVID-19 update

Cases confirmed16,625
Testing done130,785
Positive rate12.71%
Cases to death0.9%
Population tested13.1%

It has been precisely 2 weeks ago since my last Fresno COVID-19 update. What numbers await us now? Unfortunately, Fresno’s corona situation has not gotten any better since last time. Total cases have increased by 41%, with deaths also increasing by 51%. The positivity rate soars even higher, now at 12.7% (18% positivity rate for new cases, which has been that way for over a month now).

Those sitting around in prison however have had it worse. Prisons are the perfect breeding grounds for the virus, which has infected over 8000 and killed at least 51 people so far. This situation is so critical that California has (and will release more) released prisoners, preferrably so that they can escape “cruel and unusual punishment”.