Fresno COVID-19 Update

Cases confirmed26724
Testing done224,863
Positive rate11.9%
Cases to death1.2%
Population tested22.5%

Fresno’s positvity rate showed signs of slowing down since August 26th (previously near 13% on August 7th); dropping to 12.6% to 11.9%. This is consistent with the entirety of California; even troublesome counties like Tulare have dropped. However, Fresno is still far from being in any condition to operate “normally”; having twice the positivity rate as California (6%), and even being higher than Tulare.

(Their portal stats currently boast a 9.3% posivity rate; which means Tulare’s total testing has somehow increased by over 50% in just the past 2 weeks). Worse yet, it’s expected that our numbers will reveal a spike due to labor day. The case to deaths have increased by 0.2%; a notable Fresno detective died from COVID-19. With the fires raging all over, I think the worsened air quality will only contribute to COVID-19 deaths (since afterall, it can heavily impair breathing)

A hellish landscape, resulting from all the fine particulate matter from burning trees that get suspended in the air. This is the same atmospheric phenomenon that causes a red sunset.