Fresno COVID-19 ⁠update — prepare for the worst, again.

Fresno’s COVID-19 situation has significantly worsened since the last time I posted an update 26 days ago. There has been far more deaths and cases proportionate to population than there are tests. With only a 10.5% (49229) increase in testing, there has been a 32.4% (158) increase in deaths, and a 63.4% (24950) increase in cases. These statistics are so negative that the overall positivity rate has jumped 4% (this statistic tends to remain static or barely change).

Cases confirmed64,274
Testing done517,191
Positive rate12.4%
Cases leading to death1.3%
All COVID-19 stats up until today

The positivity rate for the 49,229 new tests since 12/4 is 50.7%. I have no words for how horrifying that statistic is, and I had to double check that to make sure it wasn’t an error. The previous 22.5 positive cases per 100K has more than doubled to 56.2; this makes the 14.6 we had a couple of months ago look pitifully small (Note that the threshold for purple tier is 8 cases per 100k). This means that there are 562 infections daily.

Cases confirmed24,950
Testing done49,229
Positive rate50.68%
COVID-19 stats from 12/4 to today

And in case you didn’t hear the news, Fresno’s stay at home order will definitely be extended. In addition, Fresno’s ICU capacity is close to zero, with only 13 open beds as of 3 hours ago. The moment Fresno hits zero bed availability, an emergency order will close all retail (such as Wal-Mart) for 5 days (or longer if there is no improvement).

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