Fresno COVID-19 update

Firstly, some breaking news if you haven’t heard: The Fresno Board of Supervisors had to go into quarantine just yesterday, alongside 30 employees, when an employee tested positive for COVID-19. Anyways Since my last update here at Fresnolandia and Gay Central Valley, Fresno has trended in the wrong direction. Fresno entered the purple category again just about 2 weeks ago on October 20th. For comparison sake, on September 18-25, Fresno only had a 3.3% positivity rate in new cases. However, From October 15-22, Fresno had a 5.5% positivity rate in new cases, which equates to a 66% increase in cases. As of right now, the numbers for positivity rate in new cases are lower, but not low enough, hovering at 5%. Despite these numbers, we’re still operating in tier 2 (red category), so long as the numbers don’t get too high and don’t remain that way 2 weeks in a row.

Cases confirmed31,952
Testing done369,632
Positive rate8.6%
Cases leading to death1.4%
Population tested37%
All COVID-19 stats up to 11/6
Cases confirmed1624
Testing done36,142
Positive rate4.5%
Cases leading to death1.0
Population tested3.62%
COVID-19 stats from 10/22-11/6