Fresno COVID-19 weekly update

Air Quality for the Central Valley, especially Fresno, has finally dropped to acceptable levels. The smell of pinesol no longer lingers in the air as much.. Fresno’s positivity rate is still dropping; statistics for today and the past week shows only a 3.3% positivity rate out of the 19,100 tests conducted. However, Fresno’s improvements may be short lived. Multiple business owners, including the controversial Pismo’s Grill owner, Dave Fansler, have refused (or will refuse) to cooperate with both California and Fresno COVID-19 policy.

I feel for businesses that are hurting, I truly do, but the continuous efforts to undermine public safety will only delay Fresno’s actual reopening. Republican Jim Patterson is only adding fuel to the fire; which is really stupid because he himself is 72 (Old Republicans should actively avoid being another Herman Cain…). I’m sorry, but I’m going to just avoid having dealings with businesses that are Republican minded in their response to COVID-19; I don’t want to become a number in the ever growing COVID-19 death toll that the Republican Party proudly wears.

Cases confirmed28,019
Testing done272,795
Positive rate10.27%
Cases leading to death1.3%
Population tested27.3%
All COVID-19 stats up to 9/24
Cases confirmed638
Testing done19,114
Positive rate3.3%
Cases leading to death2.2%
Population tested1.9%
COVID-19 stats from 9/17 to 9/24