Fresno COVID-19 weekly update

Fresno’s positivity rate is still dropping, though, the death toll hasn’t gotten any better, and if only considering the numbers from August 7 to September 17, the mortality rate is 1.8%, which is more than half the USA’s total fatality rate (3%). Within that same period, the positvity rate is a somewhat low 9.1%. Testing too has became much more robust; with 12.3% of Fresno County’s entire population having been tested in that same period alone. Hopefully this trend keeps continuing.

Cases confirmed26724
Testing done224,863
Positive rate11.9%
Cases to death1.2%
Population tested22.5%
Fresno COVID-19 stats for 9/17
Cases confirmed10756
Testing done112981
Positive rate8.8%
Cases to death1.8%
Population tested12.3%
Fresno COVID-19 Stats only between 8/7 and 9/17

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