Fresno: This is winning.

After seeing plenty of videos of empty cities (due to COVID-19) I was just wondering: What does Fresno look like? Another idea struck me when I remembered a PSA I saw: that the emptiness of streets is an indicator of success in beating COVID-19. It’s more important than ever to keep the basic rules of social distancing and mask wearing in mind. Especially as people start to get more and more lax in their behaviors because we are opening things up. I get it. No one wants to stay home for several months. We all want to resume our normal way of life, but we just can’t. At least not yet. COVID-19 is nowhere close to being finished off, in part due to Trump taking so long do anything helpful, but also because we are opening up to soon and too fast and we are all going to pay the price later this summer.

The last thing we need is for people to completely disregard pandemic guidelines and resume normal life because not only is it selfish…but dangerous. This will make the crisis last as the virus continues to spread. What’s the end result? Even more lives will be lost (is 100,000 deaths not enough?!) and our economy will suffer even more. COVID-19 at this point isn’t the killer of the economy or people. It is the impatience, ignorance, and the selfishness of Trump and his like-minded followers.

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