FresYes Fest postponed.

The big event that would take place at Downtown Fresno (Sponsored by Tioga-Sequoia Brewing) is now getting delayed until Fall due to the pandemic threat of the corona virus.

After careful consideration and deliberation, the FresYes Fest team has decided to postpone this year’s event until the fall. We believe it’s the right thing to do for the community that we all love so much. We’ll announce a new date soon.


We’d like to thank all the vendors, food trucks and community partners who had been working hard to prep for FresYes Fest 2020. We intend for most of the plans to carry over to the new date. See you this fall.

Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company

I wonder how much more events will get canceled or postponed. Just today, Fresno City College was run with minimal staffing; they’re already on the verge of canceling in person classes (Fresno State has already acted). Keep your eyes and ears peeled to make sure you don’t end up too disappointed if your plans aren’t exactly being enacted.