Gallery: Bike Ride at the Bluffs

With the Corona virus finally being taken seriously, I decided to do a [overdue] bike ride. Having obtained a car last year, I just haven’t got to biking as much as I used to. I took this as an opportunity because I prefer to ride my bike when there is not much traffic (people in Fresno, or just in California, are dangerous drivers!). Anyways, I took to exploring a trail in the vicinity of that shopping center (Park Place) in the vincinity of the bluffs. I believe I scored some nice images from the ride, and I hope you think so too.

The end of paved road (more of it is seen in the featured image)
A pretty trail; of which I dare not venture in fear of stumbling on a hobo.
A crop into the above image; looks like someone was drunk hiking around here.
Asian walking stick.
A rather unique anvil cloud.
At the lower left corner, some people are fishing!
The trail is urging you foward… What do you do?
A calming river. The river here is the San Joaquin river.
White people!
A trio of very… unique trees.
Power Line Beach Ball!