Gallows Act 2 misses the mark just a bit

So I purchased and streamed Gallows Act 2 in UHD/4K in honor of October being spooky month and it being written, shot, and directed right here in Fresno. I was very excited to see it and I even watched the original Gallows over the weekend in preparation. If Gallows was an A- or a B+ then I’d have to give the follow up installment a C….barely.

I was really impressed that the movie was available in 4K through Vudu. That was a big thumbs up. It kind of all went downhill from there though in terms of how fresh and intriguing the original was. First of all, whoever casted Chris Milligan in the lead love interest role should be fired. Lol. There wasn’t anything about his energy, look, or vibe that said high school jock. I actually liked Ema Corvath as Ana Rue but the chemistry between the two was off from the beginning. Chris was so much older looking and mature in demeanor and energy it kind of had a lecherous uncle vibe. It just didn’t work.

Chris Milligan

I also thought the main story lines were way too much of a deviation from the original rather unique narrative(s). I thought it was way too early in the story arc to go for copycat killers. There didn’t seem to be any clear lines of delineation where the ghost executioner started and stopped and what was the work of the apparent cult that had formed around the play. I was not only shocked and confused when it all turned out to be some sort of elaborate hoax or conspiracy I was really disappointed. There are several other things I didn’t care for Act 2 but I don’t want to beat the dead horse that was this film. Suffice it to say the film and sequel story was barely average and I regretted spending money on it.

Hopefully, Gallows 3 will get back in line (more directly) with the awesome start the original Gallows was back in 2015. Here’s the trailer if you want to see it and make a mental note about it. Don’t spend money on this one. You’re better off just waiting for it to come out on video disc at your local public library.