Goat Meadow snow trip

With all of the wet and cold weather over the last couple of weeks Ronan and I decided to take a drive towards Yosemite National Park and do some snow hunting. Ronan really likes the snow and we didn’t get a chance to do an official snow trip over the winter months so with everything closed because of the pandemic we headed north on Saturday.

Yosemite was closed, which was expected, but we happened to find a deserted snow park trail that led us to Goat Meadow. The snow was light and fluffy and already melting to run off. It was calm, quiet and peaceful. We walked around a lot, Ronan frolicked in the snow and I took pictures and spent time alone with my thoughts.

I don’t know if we will get back to Goat Meadow before the next full snow season but it’s on our radar for sure. There is plenty of parking space and real estate to roam and play. This snow park gets two thumbs up from us.