Good trouble. Necessary trouble. John Lewis doc gets an A+

Over the weekend, we had the chance to take in the new documentary on civil rights icon John Lewis that dropped on streaming platforms last week. I can’t say enough good things about this film! The footage following him around on some of his duties and travels as a sitting member of the house of representatives is really inspiring. I hope I have half is energy when I’m his age. I feel as if that alone would be a great accomplishment.

The testimonials from other political leaders and civil rights activists young and old add great depth and texture to the portrait the story paints. It is a canvas, and life, painted with diversity, character, and a moral fiber that is hard to find anywhere today. For those of you who don’t know (first and foremost Google him and find out) John Lewis was a supporter and protégé Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr during the thick of the civil rights era in the 1960’s. He was nearly beaten to death on the bridge to Selma, Alabama that made national news.

It makes me sad an somber when I think of the lion size leaders we have lost in Congress more recently. I’m thinking of Ted Kennedy, John McCain and Elijah Cummings. John Lewis still seems to have the energy and fight he has always had but he is no spring chicken. Who will rise up and fill these shoes? It’s something to ponder and reflect on for sure. If you’d like to check out the official movie website you can by clicking the button below.

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