Jazz-themed church service at Hope Lutheran on Saturday, Jan 5th

Where can you get some great jazz music, a light sermon and holy communion all in the same hour? Hope Lutheran Church on Barstow and Fresno streets hosts a monthly Jazz Mass evening service. The next service will be Sunday evening, January 5th, from 7pm to 8pm. I’ve been to this jazz-themed service a couple times now and I really like it. I think the whole concepts gets an A for originality and I love the traditional communion sacrament that is welcome and open to ALL (even gay people of faith).

If you are looking for something new and different, and dare I say, FUN in your worship or spiritual life you should check out this service. I’m not a jazz enthusiast by any means but the vocals and band that performs during the service are first class. It’s a fund experience that also serves to feed the sacred. I highly recommend this night without any reservations for all people of faith no matter where you might be on your spiritual journey!