John Lewis: Rest In Peace

We lost Congressman John Lewis over the weekend and that makes me very sad. He was a civil rights icon and has been referred to by more than one legit politic leader as the “moral conscience” of the House of Representatives. A documentary on his life as a public servant, John Lewis Good Trouble, is available to rent on streaming platforms and I highly recommend it. Here is a video that caught my eye today and I wanted to share it…

John Lewis marched with Dr. King. He was beat and almost killed by the police on the bridge in Selma, Alabama. He spoke at the march in Washington, D.C. His work, bravery, and sacrifice made our country stronger, more inclusive, and a better democracy. We all owe him a debt of gratitude and have a moral and civic obligation to help America live up to its creed.

9 thoughts on “John Lewis: Rest In Peace”

  1. Outside of Dr. King himself, I can’t think of anyone else that has done so much…for so long.

  2. I just rented and watched the Good Trouble documentary. This is a must see film for any student of history and equality in America.

  3. I completely missed the fact that he boycotted Trump’s inauguration in 2016. I love that! Pay attention people: this is what leadership looks like.

  4. I watched the documentary Good Trouble last night. I thought it was an amazing film and fitting tribute to a true American hero.

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