Les Schwab moving forward with new location

Amidst all the store closures, people being laid off and life in general grinding to a halt over the last few weeks…it was nice to see by contrast some life. Les Schwab tire and brake centers is building a new store just off Nees and Blackstone. They broke ground a month ago and there was some activity today as a handful of workers tinkered and toiled on the construction site. Obviously we know that life is far from getting back to the normal in the U.S. as we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s silly and unrealistic to think this will all be over soon. It’s not because that is what the experts and the science tell us. Trump’s assertions that we could be open for business by Easter are dumb, misguided and dangerous…but that is another blog for another time.

I had a very good experience once with Les Schwab while I was traveling on business last year and I always told myself I’d give them a shout out or a good recommendation if I had the chance. I’m taking this new site in my neck of the woods as a sign from the Universe to do that just! Happy Saturday everyone!