mayor jerry dyer welcomed gov. gavin newsom into town

Gavin Newsom has on numerous occasions visited Fresno, of which he held a press conference, often with Mayor Jerry Dyer. Previously on July 7, Newsom was picking up trash with Caltrans along Highway 41 in Fresno.

This comes as part of Newsom’s Clean California, a billion dollar effort to clean up litter throughout the state. This aligned with Jerry Dyer’s Beautify Fresno effort.

But most recently, Dyer and Newsom held another press conference for AB133 just days ago. AB133 expanded Medi-Cal coverage to low-income adults regardless of immigration status. Uh oh, the “I” word; Republicans Garry Bredefeld and Kevin Kiley were not happy. Looks like more trash needs picking up. I’m just surprised that Dyer seems content on working with Newsom, considering that Dyer is a Republican (maybe not anymore, but still conservative).