Oakhurst calendar of events link

I have become a big (more recent) fan of the Sierra National Forest and I have vowed to hang out and do more stuff in the area. I hang my head in shame every time I think about the fact that I have lived most of my life in Fresno and the Central Valley and have only been to Oakhurst and the surrounding areas a handful of times. I have only ever been to Yosemite twice in my life despite the fact that I live and work just a one hour drive to the southern entrance.

I came across this great resource again this weekend and I wanted to pass it along. The official Oakhurst Calendar is hosted and managed by the local chamber of commerce and is a great resource for things to do in the area. We camped around Bass Lake last night at the Lupine campground and did the whole drinking by the fire thing. That is always a good time. We are going to bum around Oakhurst today and might even take in the chili cookout that is happening at the Oakhurst Community Center from 5pm to 8pm.

Here is the link to the calendar: OAKHURST CALENDAR