One of the coolest bars in downtown Fresno I have ever seen

So I met a friend downtown for a drink after watching Mayor Pete appear, shake hands, and then give a 10 minute speech. We ended up at Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant on the corner of Fulton and Tulare streets. I had never been there and I was really impressed with the space. Their margaritas are delicious, which is an absolute must if you are going to run a Mexican eatery in downtown Fresno, and the guacamole is fresh and yummy. What really got my attention was the bar so I had to snap a few pics.

I love the shelving and the backlighting, obviously, because it makes the space really pop. The idea of highlighting each bottle, liquor, and call brand in a way that is both visually appealing and easy to mentally catalogue works really well. If you’ll notice, there is a large world map on the wall behind the shelving and the bottles and I think it really completes the space. I was there for lunch but can you imagine having a drink there on a Friday night with background mood music? I bet this bar really takes it to the next level at night. Hope you enjoy the pics!