Paintless dent repair

I caught a bumper sticker on the rear fender of a car that I thought was cool.  It was promoting Velley Dents, a local small business that services Fresno and much of the Central Valley.  As you all know, we are all about helping local business here at Fresnolandia, and so I wanted to give them a shout out.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?
Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR is a method of repairing dents from vehicles without having to remove any paint or use bondo to finish the repair. This is accomplished by very carefully pushing and massaging the metal from the inside of the panel as well as various other methods depending on the location and size of the dent.
Benefits of Using PDR instead of Traditional Body Shop Repairs?
The best benefit is the fact that the paint is not damaged! We do not use bondo, paint, fillers, sanding or anything else that would damage the original paint job. Price is also a considerable benefit of our service. A normal sized dent at a traditional body shop usually involves sanding, and painting the entire panel and repainting. This traditional type of body repair can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the damage. The same dent can be repaired using PDR for a fraction of the price. Saving you time is another amazing benefit of our service. We can repair most dents in under an hour, while a body shop can take days to get your car fixed.

If you would like to know about PDR and Valley Dents you can check out their website after the jump.