Please cancel your turkey and travel plans this week

With cases spiking, hospitals filling up, and our local health care systems bracing for impact our message this week is clear: Please, please, please cancel your Thanksgiving and/or travel plans this week. This is not a time for pointless protests or false claims of rights and freedom being “taken away.” This is a time for unity and robust social responsibility in the face of a growing health care crisis.

On top of masking up, social distancing, and not gathering in large groups or indoor settings we need to step our offensive on this deadly virus. We need to respect the powers that be when it comes to closings and restrictions. We need to respect the 10pm curfew and hunker down in the safety and security of our places of residence. And for this week in particular (the biggest travel days of the year under normal circumstances) we need to cancel family gatherings and curtail any travel plans in the interest of not prolonging this epidemic.

Yes, this is hard. Yes, this is emotionally and economically devastating. Yes, it’s probably going to take us years to fully recover. This is what war looks like, and feels like, when you are battling a pervasive and particularly vicious enemy. This virus doesn’t care about political affiliations, how much money you have in the bank, or the color of your skin. It will attack and try and kill you, and the ones your love, without any thought or consideration or remorse. Please hunker down this week. Shop online, only gather with those who already live under your roof and are COVID-19 free, stay indoors, and don’t travel.

Hundreds and thousands of lives literally depend on it.