Russell Crowe comes UNHINGED in new road rage thriller August 21

Academy Award winner Russell Crowe stars in a new movie set to debut in theatres in just 21 days. Regal Theatres have been promoting it and doing a lot of marketing around the day which feels like a concerted effort to drum up some sort of a movie season. I admit, it looks really good, and super intense. Here is the official trailer from IGN…

In theatres August 21, 2020

There are two Regal Cinemas in Fresno: Edwards 21 in the River Park Shopping Center and Manchester 16 in the Manchester Mall just off Shields and Highway 41. Regal has really been boasting about all of their COVID-19 procedures and precautions.

With our numbers spiking in the Central Valley I wonder if this will actually happen. I also wonder if the public at large will respond and flock to their local theatre. And lastly, do I feel good about attending? I don’t really know right now but, of course, we will keep you posted!