Sequoia Brewing Bar & Grill (North Fresno) review

So today after going out to vote at the Woodward park library (Have you voted? Please be sure to do so and get puppet Devin Nunes out of office alongside Trump!), Mike was craving some pizza at Five Restaurant, but it was closed. So instead, the Sequoia Brewing Company Bar and Grill across caught my attention instead. I have had in possession of their “Home Dome” beer stickers, so I was really curious to check the bar and grill out. In addition, I just think it’s a good idea to give our local businesses a try whenever possible.The first food item I ever ordered was their pesto flame grilled pizza. It was fantastic. It was obviously very high quality menu item (which goes to show that other menu items are likely to be great too), with quality, lean and tasty cuts of a chicken, firm but soft flatbread crust, and a healthy dose of pesto sauce and cheese.

As for the place itself, it is a really nice space. It has a “mountain lodge atmosphere” (It does use the name of our national parks after all); just like a lodge up in Yosemite. There is a fireplace with adjacent tables you could sit at if you felt chilly. The bar and dining area is large, clean, and spacious; it would be hard to feel crowded and uncomfortable. In addition, there are plenty of TVs, which essentially makes the place a good sports bar as well. In additional to all of that, there is another identical space just across from the bathrooms, which a similarly sized bar and dining area. That room could potentially be very useful for parties, especially for the super bowl! As for the audience, there just wasn’t that much people today in the early afternoon, so I can’t be a definitive judge of that yet, but I found that the crowd did not vibe as unfriendly in the very least.