St. Patrick’s Day in Fresno

Yard House (River Park)

We’ve already Apple Bee’s St. Patrick’s Day themed drinks, so Yard House was a logical decision for this day. Their St Patrick’s Day options included beer mixes of Guinness (a dry Irish Stout) and Yard House’s own brews. I opted for the Guinness Yard House Honey Blend, while Mike had a Jameson Irish Whiskey and Coke. They also had a special food option: Irish Loaded Fries. It is a fiesta of sweet Jalopenos, sour cream, corned beef (cured beef), chives, fries and beer cheese.

Irish Loaded Fries. Image from Yard House‘s Twitter account

Mad Duck Craft Brews (Northwest)

As seen in the name, Mad Duck brews their own beers. We dropped by here while waiting for Aisling Bog Pub to open. They have 3 locations, with the Northwest (7050 N Marks Ave) being the location we were at. Having already eaten, I just stuck with drinking one of their beers, a Honey Pot Blonde that was tinted green for St Patrick’s Day. Mike did another cocktail, but this time it was a Proper 12 and Pepsi.

Conor McGregor, the founder of Proper 12.

Aisling Bog Pub

Unfortunately, we couldn’t do anything here because a food order ($10) is required to drink. They open at 3pm, which is why we snuck over to the Mad Duck. Maybe next time I’ll properly check this place out.

The Shanty

This place completely flaunts COVID-19 guidelines. It has indoor operation that acts as if COVID-19 never happened; there are no plexiglass windows and no social distancing whatsoever, as people in the bar seats are very close to one another. My visit here didn’t last long when one of the people here requested I take my mask off. No thank you, I wasn’t planning on staying anyway, as the atmosphere in and out is musty and full of carcinogenic tobacco smoke.