Table Mountain Casino to reopen: What you need to know

Table Mountain Casino will open tomorrow (June 8th) after closing on March 16th. Since then, they have prepared their casino and employees to deal with the ongoing threat of COVID-19 while operating. Here are the most notable changes (with entry related changes being the most important) that you should keep in mind:

NOTICE: These can change; see full information (and potential updates) on Table Mountain Casino’s website. Hours are 10AM-2AM.

Entry related changes

  • Check your temperature beforehand! Your temperature will be checked at entry. If it is 100.1 or higher, you can have it rechecked 5 minutes later. If it remains just as high, you will be denied entry.
  • Showing symptoms (shortness of breath, coughing) will deny you entry. Please don’t hide symptoms if you have them; be responsible and don’t spread COVID-19.
  • Have facemasks! They are absolutely required for entry and while in the casino. Social distancing will be enforced.
  • You will need a club card for entry. Hosts will be available for sign-ups and/or reprinting of cards.
  • Anyone under age of 18 is not permitted. Valet and bus service is not available at this time.
  • Reentry is not permitted.

Casino operation: Games, sanitation, and food.

  • The casino floor will be operating at 25% capacity; there will be 750 active slot machines, in which social distancing is applied.
  • Table Games, Poker and Bingo will be closed until further notice. Guests must be active players, as loitering will not be permitted.
  • Guest capacity will be 650 in the first stages of opening.
  • Employees will be wearing face masks, gloves, and will strictly adhere to social distancing protocol.
  • There is no smoking. If smoking has ever held you back from going to the casino, perhaps this is the time! I know I’m gleeful about this.
  • There will be continuous sanitation by TM’s “sanitation team”. You can request sanitation of a machine for your convenience. There are 250 sanitation stations with both guest and employee access.
  • Eagles Landing Restaurant and the Mountain Feast Buffet is closed until further notice. TM Cafe will operate, but with a limited menu and will give food in to-go containers. The Mountain Feast Buffet area will be utilized as a seating area with social distancing in effect.

Table Mountain Casino is opening in a very responsible way, at least on spec. The changes made to deal with COVID-19 are robust, extensive, and are thus responsible. I would like to check it out to see for sure. The no smoking is sure to invite me over (it’s quite responsible since smoking worsens respiratory function). Have you been? Please leave a comment detailing whether or not they’re doing what they’re saying!

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