Tacolandia was meh

I’ve been meaning to visit the Tacolandia location on Clovis Avenue just south of Belmont. It looks like it has a big, well kept garden with tables and chairs. I’m still going to but I recently discovered that there was another quasi permanent Tacolandia food truck location on the corner of Shaw and Villa in Clovis. I drove by it again today and decided to stop and munch on a couple of tacos.

I’m not a big taco truck kind of guy so I’m not sure how they rank among all the great spots to get Mexican food in Fresno. I ordered two, one beef and one pork, and figured the $2 per taco price was reasonable. I felt otherwise after I got my order and gobbled them up. Again, I’m not a taco truck connoisseur but I have to say I was totally underwhelmed. The tacos were very small, like smaller than small, and the meat in both was kind of dry. I’m also not a big fan of cabbage in tacos.

So I give my first experience with Tacolandia a grade of C.