The Hangar in River Park Review

The Hangar is a relatively new restaurant in River Park, taking over the remaining half of the former World Sports Cafe (JPot took the other half first a few months earlier) back in 2019. However, COVID-19 would be just a few months away, so when it struck, Mike and I rarely went to River Park. But now that COVID-19’s presence in California is substantially less, businesses are for the most part welcoming. The Hangar was actually not our first pick, as we were looking forward to the BarrelHouse. Sadly, they’re just a brewery, so they don’t serve food. Though, their tables were set up to place food orders from the Hangar. We decided to go to Yard House second.

Mike and I were wanting to enter and have a bigger table for additional people that would show up. However, they said all members of party must be present; definitely a dumb policy. Defeated and hungry, we had to check out the Hangar. As its name suggests, it is Airplane themed. The entrance is a runway with blinking red lights, the top of the building is decked with red lights, and there’s even a windsock up there. The interior is of industrial architecture, but unlike the dark atmosphere of Lincoln’s, the Hangar’s is bright white with red accents. Even the ceiling fan has a red hub to it. All else, it resembles a welcoming, old fashion diner, like Denny’s.

As for ordering and the food, I was impressed that you could simply sit down and order digitally at your table (like a McDonald’s!), or order normally, of course. The Hanger serves mostly burgers, of which I was impressed with (which again, reminds me of a Denny’s, as their burgers too are good). The sides too are great; the fries are slightly Cajun seasoned and ridged. Their onion ring order is elaborate, as they are stacked up high and served on a contraption that resembles an airplane and holds two choices of your sauce. They also have drinks, but it’s a small selection of beer (one of them being BarrelHouse).