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Phil Arballo is challenging Devin Nunes again in CA-22

It looks as though Democrat Phil Arballo is running again to challenge Republican Devin Nunes for the privilege of representing California’s 22nd congressional district in the Central Valley. Here is the last official campaign spot from the 2020 election cycle posted to his official YouTube account as of today…

It’ a daunting and challenging thing to try and run a grass roots campaign against the back drop of COVID-19 and it’s unclear what he plans to do different in order to secure a different result next time. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more details to come. If you’d like to visit his campaign site you can make the jump by clicking the button below.

Please vote for James D. Martinez for County Board of Education Trustee

If you are looking for a good Democrat to put on the Fresno County Board of Education during this election cycle then look no further than James D. Martinez.

James is locally born and bred, an alumni of Fresno High and Fresno State, and has 15 years of political experience right here in the Central Valley. If you are looking for a fresh face and a younger energy leading and setting an example for our students then please vote for James.

Devin Nunes and his free speech hypocrisy

One of the most embarrassing things about living in Fresno and the Central Valley is the fact that political hacks like Devin Nunes can get elected here. From being a crony and lackey for The Donald to ginning up false news stories to help the White House sue fake cows this conservative (un)leader is a black eye for us. Get a load of this great video clip produced by HuffPost.

If you’d like to know more about his Democratic opponent in the upcoming election then you can check out his official campaign website below.