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My vaccination shot #1

I got my first COVID-19 vaccine shot today! Ronan made his appointment over the weekend and I decided to check out My Turn and see about getting mine too. The registration and sign up process was relatively purpose and I got an appointment at the UCSF vaccination site at Fresno City College.

The UCSF mobile site at Fresno City College is a drive-thru location. I didn’t even have to get out of my car which was super easy and very convenient. Don’t forget to wear a short sleeve shirt if you can as that’s the easiest way to get your shot in whatever shoulder you choose. Obviously shots are never fun and I was expecting some mild discomfort but I was pleasantly surprise that I didn’t feel a thing.

Tune out the noise and protect yourself, protect your family, and your fellow citizens. The more people that get vaccinated sooner, rather than later, is the best practice and strategy to get us out from under this pandemic. The vaccine is safe, free regardless if you have insurance or not, and the right thing to do for our city, state, country and global community.

Fresno is officially red tier. Can we please stay there? (Or better yet, advance to orange tier)

Fresno has finally joined the almost all other counties in less restrictive tiers, with only 3 counties that are still in purple tier. In case you forgot what red tier was like, it will allow for many restaurants and gyms to resume operations indoors. Only restaurants and gyms lucky enough to have outdoor spacing were still in business. With summer around the corner however, it is clear that indoor operations will be vital for businesses to operate continually. As for bars, if they don’t serve food, they still have to be closed.

It is imperative we do not get careless and don’t enable businesses that flaunt COVID-19 guidelines. Fresno’s COVID-19 vaccinations, you see, are lagging. Despite being California’s 10th largest county, it ranks 13th place in total vaccines administered, with Fresno being 38% vaccinated. Those 50 and over can now receive the vaccine, with immediate family members of those eligible also able to receive vaccination. Even those over 18 can being able to receive vaccinations regardless of eligiblity, though only via Clinica Sierra Vista.

Gavin Newsom signs $600 stimulus package

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a comprehensive legislative package to provide urgently needed relief for individuals, families and businesses suffering the most significant economic hardship due to COVID-19. This will include $600 one-time payments to low-income individuals and households and four times the available amount of relief for small businesses. Here is the 30-minute official video clip of the live signing earlier today.

With the GOP recall effort hard at work in the shadows the great state of California, with money pouring in from outside of the state, us Democrats are hard at work helping everyday people. This bill will pour $10B of direct funds and small business grants (not loans) into our pockets and bank accounts.

For information on California’s response to COVID-19, visit covid19.ca.gov.