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We’re orange!

Since the first of April, Fresno had finally left purple tier, and most people were happy to know that the indoor operations of restaurants and gyms would finally be allowed (at reduced capacity of course), especially with summer heat just around the corner. Just of 4/20, 3 weeks after becoming red, Fresno is now in the orange tier, the first time ever since the tier system was implemented. At this rate, we might see yellow category in a three weeks too (a county must be in a tier for a minimum of 3 weeks before it can enter a lower tier).

In orange tier, wineries and breweries can finally resume indoor operation (bars still excluded, but some still have indoor operations anyway), gyms have more capacity (10% to 25%), and restaurants have more capacity as well (25% to 50%); as such, we can expect substantially shorter queues. Several other central valley counties entered orange tier as well, though Madera still has yet to get the numbers to enter orange, so until then, wineries part of the Madera Wine Trail will still have restrictions, of which I want to visit.

Fresno is officially red tier. Can we please stay there? (Or better yet, advance to orange tier)

Fresno has finally joined the almost all other counties in less restrictive tiers, with only 3 counties that are still in purple tier. In case you forgot what red tier was like, it will allow for many restaurants and gyms to resume operations indoors. Only restaurants and gyms lucky enough to have outdoor spacing were still in business. With summer around the corner however, it is clear that indoor operations will be vital for businesses to operate continually. As for bars, if they don’t serve food, they still have to be closed.

It is imperative we do not get careless and don’t enable businesses that flaunt COVID-19 guidelines. Fresno’s COVID-19 vaccinations, you see, are lagging. Despite being California’s 10th largest county, it ranks 13th place in total vaccines administered, with Fresno being 38% vaccinated. Those 50 and over can now receive the vaccine, with immediate family members of those eligible also able to receive vaccination. Even those over 18 can being able to receive vaccinations regardless of eligiblity, though only via Clinica Sierra Vista.

Fresno COVID-19 Update

Fresno currently has 76 cases per 100K, which is a 50% increase since my last update, and it means there are 760 new cases daily (76 per 100K is also 950% over the threshold for placing a county into purple category in the first place). The total death toll has also significantly increased, from 646 to 904 (40% more). Overall, Fresno’s positivity rate is still rising too.

Cases confirmed78,278
Testing done634,524
Positive rate12.34%
Cases leading to death1.2%
Cases per 100K76
Fresno’s cumulative COVID-19 statistics

Within a 6-day period, we saw record daily deaths with an average of 32 deaths daily (Fresno’s daily deaths used to be a number between 0-10, before we had such dangerous levels of infections daily). The positivity rate was also 15.9%, with 4.2% of cases leading to death (in contrast to the usually static 1% of cases that lead to death).

Cases confirmed4589
Testing done28,850
Positive rate15.9%
January 8th to January 14th

COVID-19 Vaccination update

NOTICE: Kaiser Permanente initially scheduled those over 65 for COVID-19 innoculations, however, due to limited doses, they are being limited to those over 75, again.

Fresno has received 44,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. Of course, those significantly at risk, be it from certain working conditions (such as farm workers), or most especially, older people. Initially, California & Fresno’s age eligibility for vaccines was 75+, but as of just this Wednesday, this was lowered to 65+.