North Fresno three alarm fire

For the last several days, Fresno has enjoyed a wonderful cool breeze, a departure from the near 100 degree days in which I had to run the air. While driving around on errands yesterday, I noticed that the sky was unusually dirty; I was thinking it was probably dirt being blown high into the air from all the loose dirt in Fresno (mainly from the agricultural fields all around Fresno). But, as I neared Friant via the 41, it became clear that most of the smog in the air was coming from a fire.

Winds were strongest yesterday throughout the week.

The fire originated from Republic Services (a Recycling Center) on 10345 North Rice Road at approximately 5pm. The stronger than usual winds (15-20mph) fanned the flames, spreading close to Woodward Lake, its Park area, and Friant Road. As a 3 alarm fire (from 1-5; higher alarm is more severe) it triggered response from the Air National Guard. PG&E made sure to comment that the fire was not started by their equipment (PG&E has started over 1500 fires in a 6 year span, by the way).

PG&E be like “Fires coming to select locations near you soon”

Thankfully, the fire was fully contained at around 9pm; no injuries were reported (yet), and Woodward Park dodged a bullet, as fire came within one mile. Oddly, there was another fire that happened much earlier at 5:30am. It was a house fire in which two homes were a total loss. Then, two weeks ago, Clovis dealt with a grass fire that had the potential to be very dangerous, though was promptly stopped. It’s not even summer yet, and fires are ablazing. And with most California counties in drought emergency, I am fearful as to what’s to come.

Featured image from Pixabay.