Fresno Republicans are nasty

In general, modern Republicans are just outright nasty people; in embracing Trump, they’ve rebranded themselves to unifying bigotry, stupidity, and mediocrity. However, what really irks me the most are California/Fresno Republicans. Their existence is at best a nuisance, since they have virtually no power in a overwheLmingly blue state. But, they are like pests that haunt the Central Valley’s crops. Pests left unchecked become end up ravaging not just the fruits of labor, but also harm virtually everyone that depends on our agriculture. In this case, I’m referring to various good efforts, such as a pride resolution for Kingsburg, a city that doesn’t have pride at all. But, Fresno Republicans decided that was evil and that they must do everything in their power to stop that, which they did. As if the LGBTQ+ community needed more hardships, Fresno Republicans had an official memo dedicated to targeting the LGBTQ+ community.

Reading it all is a waste of your precious braincells, so I’ll summarize it with my inner Republican voice: “The LGBTQ community is divisive and is working their wicked policies into many aspects of life, like the military, schools, and our government (LOL). They also violate our demented religious views, and somehow, our demented religious views also apply to Judaism and Islam, so fellow Islams and Jews, you really should join us. aLsO, wOMen’S riGHtZ, because transmen compete unfairly against women in sports (We won’t admit this but, we don’t even know what women sports are; what do they do, compete in who can do all the chores the fastest? Or cooking shows?). Also, AMERICA GREATEST NATION ON EARTH.” … Yeah, because demanding and obtaining equal rights is so radical! Can we all do our part to exterminate these pests ASAP? No more Devin Nunes, no more Kevin McCarthy, and the Central Valley shall be Great Again.