Fresno is a little bigger.

So, you may have heard the news that California lost enough of its population (182,000) to lose a congressional seat (still don’t know how trustworthy that is, cause, 2020 Census was conducted under Trump administration). That’s not a very big loss, but nevertheless, still a decline. Most large cities also saw that loss reflected in their population as well, such as San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. But not all their losses necessarily left the state.

Fresno saw its population increase by a little over 1% (6400), and it’s not the only one. Clovis, Tracy, Merced, Los Banos, and Manteca have seen an increase as well, starting from 2.4%. It makes me giddy knowing that the Central Valley is getting some love; after all, it is substantially cheaper to live here than in bigger cities, and we’re never too far from anything. And there’s so many great things here, from wine, the proximity to Yosemite National Forest, agriculture, history, et cetera. Maybe we can stop calling Fresno a little city soon.

Image Credit: Grant Porter on Unsplash, Sources: Fresno Bee, Sac Bee

Fresno is officially red tier. Can we please stay there? (Or better yet, advance to orange tier)

Fresno has finally joined the almost all other counties in less restrictive tiers, with only 3 counties that are still in purple tier. In case you forgot what red tier was like, it will allow for many restaurants and gyms to resume operations indoors. Only restaurants and gyms lucky enough to have outdoor spacing were still in business. With summer around the corner however, it is clear that indoor operations will be vital for businesses to operate continually. As for bars, if they don’t serve food, they still have to be closed.

It is imperative we do not get careless and don’t enable businesses that flaunt COVID-19 guidelines. Fresno’s COVID-19 vaccinations, you see, are lagging. Despite being California’s 10th largest county, it ranks 13th place in total vaccines administered, with Fresno being 38% vaccinated. Those 50 and over can now receive the vaccine, with immediate family members of those eligible also able to receive vaccination. Even those over 18 can being able to receive vaccinations regardless of eligiblity, though only via Clinica Sierra Vista.

Fresno Philharmonic launches more of its Digital Masterworks Series

The Fresno Philharmonic initially booted its Digital Masterworks Series back in January 16th with its concert Intersections of Past and Present. Their trailer (below) confirmed there will be more installments, from tomorrow up until April, premiering on the 3rd Saturday at 5:30pm. All of these digital concerts will be free to watch on YouTube. Tomorrow’s digital concert is American Visions.
Digital Masterworks Trailer
The first (technically second) installment of Fresno Philharmonic’s Digital Masterworks Series.

The varieties of American music are on display in this program combining new voices with Aaron Copland’s popular ballet score Appalachian Spring. Joan Tower’s Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman sets the stage for our musical exploration of American identity. We also celebrate Black History Month with compositions by Florence Price and Jasmine Barnes.

Fresno Philharmonic