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Idle Hour: Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah is a wine variant I have never had before; barely starting another wine variant of a similar name, a Syrah (Also known as Shiraz) just 2 weeks ago. Though the names are similar, it’s important to note that these two grape variants are much different in taste from each other; Petite Sirah grapes are also smaller. Idle Hour’s 2016 Petite Sirah is bittersweet; it begins on the tongue with a thick, sweet tart dark berry, transitions to a peppy berry, and ends with a tongue drying dark chocolate/licorice. To the nose, it is of a sweet, soy aroma; and if such a thing exists, also vibes of a dark berry vinegar.

The artwork for Idle Hour’s Petite Sirah is more generic; as other Idle Hour wines share this art piece, but always with differing color schemes, a slightly different water drop, and a different assortment of background shapes. It is titled “Shall Be One”, by Tim Cantor. I believe the overall dark magenta theme contributes to the Petite Sirah’s appeal, since dark reds in the right lighting appear can also appear as dark magenta.

Idle Hour Winery & Kitchen

Ronan and I have been working our way through all the wineries on the Madera Wine Trail. In much need of some down time and rest we headed up to Oakhurst for wine tasting and food at Idle Hour. We had such a good time. Only the outdoor patio is open for customer access and it’s really cute and has ample space for social distancing.

We snagged this video from their official website: IdleHourWinery.com

All of the wines we tasted were really yummy and robust and I have to tell you, we probably had the best turkey and pesto flatbread I have ever tasted. We walked away with a couple bottles of wine and so did our friend James. Apparently, they have a brunch on Sundays that is on our radar now and I can’t wait check it out. They also have a little inn and hotel on the same property so anyone can make a whole weekend out of it if they are so inclined.

Side note: One of the reasons I took this photo (thanks and shout out to Ronan) is because I really like the signage and logo. I actually thought the tilt on the sign was intentional and stylish and I thought it worked. Lol. Apparently it wasn’t on purpose so I wanted to call that out. 🙂